TAKE 5 Introduction

20150706_142616bda2z4m t5 tempTAKE THE 30 – 90 DAY CHALLENGE
Not your typical guided imagery scripts and program. This program uses techniques with affirmations, suggestions, questions and patterns to create clear change. More importantly teach you to be in charge of navigating your life in the directions you wish/choose.

This is a LIFE CHANGING program meant for those who feel they are ready to be in CONTROL of their life, and who are interested in self-discovery and personal growth. You choose who you want to be the program helps you make choices that will literally rewire your neural pathways and establish new patterns that help you to live your life achieving success in all areas.


We are 100% confident you will experience results. The more you practice the easier and easier change becomes.
Don’t rely on just willpower; train your brain your mind to be focussed and self-aware consistently. ACTIVATE your mind, release old thought patterns and build new stronger healthier mental muscle!

We challenge you to do the program for 30 to 90 days…if you quit in the middle you have to start over again. Remember this is training your mind to stay on point.


Directions: These audios are meant to be used with a headset while in a relaxed position in an undisturbed environment. Never use these audios while driving, operating machinery or needing the use of your eyes in any way.

How to listen: Let go of expectations and or judgements. Begin with an open mind and a desire to focus your awareness only on the audio, the words and the music. Let go of outside distractions should they happen and return your focus to the audio.  You can listen to these audios sitting or lying down. It is more important that you are comfortable so that you can relax.

Do not worry about any thoughts that pass into the mind, simply return your focus to the audio and allow the thoughts to fall into the background. This is a natural occurrence, where the mind wanders at times; you will likely discover that the mind wanders less and less after using guided meditations regularly.

Use any AM audio you choose in the morning, any PM audio you choose in the evening, one of the extra or affirmations audios daily.  Choose a weekly  audio to end your week. For added value use the worksheets as below.

  1. Use the worksheets to define your goal/dreams/desire. If you already have a clear picture of what you intend to achieve great.
  2.  When if you have an idea of what your intention/goals is start with AM Set Intention audios. Start you day by choosing the standard audio or one of the other audios in the AM section if it matches your intention.  Then end your day prior to going to sleep by doing the same with one of the PM Set Intention audios .
  3. Once a week use the weekly worksheet and audio to keep your mind in check.
  4. Use the relaxation audios any time you wish too.
“Usually before the sun comes up I offer myself to something greater than myself” -Oprah Winfrey