Tips for making meditative imagery really work for you

Meditative mental imagery involves using all the senses to create an experience in the mind. It can be used to benefit in all areas of a person’s life. The possibilities are truly endless.

Babies achieve great success in growth and development in a relatively short amount of time. It is nothing other than their mind deciding, desiring, and wishing to do the things that the “big people” around them are doing …with focus thought and desire they train their body, their mind to achieve what they desire. They imagine and create the skill to walk, talk and so much more. 

With the same focus and determination you too can enhance your life and begin achieving what you wish to achieve.

The key is to:

  • repeatedly use your mind to focus and imagine
  • create images sensation …imagine seeing, feeling tasting touching
  • create clear vivid pictures or ideas in your mind
  • control the thoughts that come into the mind and maintain focus; don’t worry about the thoughts that come in just turn your awareness back to your breathing and listening
  • tap into the sensation of how you would be feeling
  • let go of resistance

We all have little habits we do regularly every day without really putting any thought to it; such as when we choose to brush our teeth in the morning, how or when we like our coffee, tea or breakfast, the normal route we take to work or school. 

if you begin implementing meditative mind moments into your daily routine, you will develop a comfortable habit of doing so regularly. Regular meditative mind moments will change your life in so many ways, the most beneficial being feeling more content and happy. 

This process can be used to focus on:

Changing behaviours Goal setting/intention setting
Re-framing your beliefs A new job/promotion
Building confidence Earning more income
Fitness, health goals Relaxation and so much more…

Use your imagination……Practice, practice, practice: Learning to play a sport , an instrument, ride a bike , drive a car takes practice , mental imagery can only be improved through practice.