What is guided meditative mentoring? see more details

Our Guided meditative audios use special techniques, incorporating meditation, imagery and visualization, where the listener is taken on a journey, by a narrator. Meant to guide an experience of complete mind/body relaxation, clear the mind and emotions and develop mental and emotional muscle to help you reach your goals in life.

While in a state of relaxation, using visualization, imagination and at times metaphors that access your subconscious mind to develop the mindset you require to reach any of your goals in life.

Do I need to be good at seeing things in my mind?

No…. thinking about the details is just as effective. Your visualization skills will become enhanced after you have listened to our mediations a few times. Listening to guided meditations repeatedly will begin training your mind to go into these relaxed states easier and to enhance the way you use your mind often strengthening your visualization skills.  You will see a dramatic reduction in the time it takes you to reach your goals in life.

Do you use subliminal messages, binaural beats or brainwave entrainment?

No. Our goal is to help you achieve the ability to go into these meditative states and focus your mind in positive forms. Our technique simply trains you how to go into relaxed states more and more easily and how to communicate your desires to your subconscious more easily with reputation, imagery, metaphors and visualization.

For example: A house is built by an idea that then is put into a design/draft then constructed by putting the pieces together. Essentially we are doing the same thing by helping you design the picture of what you wish to achieve.

What techniques do you use?

See more details here

Every audio is created to first create relaxation then take your mind in the direction of how, where, what you choose.

What is the best way to listen?

Generally you should find a comfortable position either sitting or lying down, and listen at a time when you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything for the duration of the audio.

We do have a section that is designed for reflection or contemplation where you can listen while sitting in nature at the beach or where ever you choose like day dreaming.

Although all of our meditations can be listened to on the computer we recommend listening to them using headphones. As it helps to drown out distractive sounds.

You SHOULD NOT listen to these meditations while driving, using machinery or needing the use of your eyes and hands.

How often should I listen?

It does vary, depending on your ultimate goal, however we recommend listening to the mediation every day for 1-6 weeks, and then listening to it once per week for a further 8 weeks, and then use it as a “tune-ups” thereafter.

Your brain needs time to rewire itself to overwrite a limiting pattern. This process may take a few days or it may take a few weeks, depending on how strong the limiting pattern is or how strong any resistance may be.

How long will it take to see results?

Results will vary depending on your motivation, the strength of your limiting patterns, and how often you listen to the mediations.

Generally you will begin to notice a sense of peace and contentment occur quickly, within one session or weeks’ time. Repetition is the key for changing patterns and creating results. Practicing the same thing over and over is how you have achieved what /where you are now, it may take the same amount of time and practice to achieve something new.  This is relative to your dedication and focus.

Is it safe?

Yes. You are not being controlled you are being guided, mentored to use your mind more affectively

Is it safe for children?

It is completely safe for children.  Every child is different and their stages of development can vary greatly, so it is up to you, the parent, to decide if using a guided meditation is right for them.

We have a special section for children and we would recommend using mediations from this section to help your child, and not use the ones from the main sections.

Can anything negative happen to me?

Nothing negative can happen to you at all. All of our audios are positive and uplifting. Generally you will finish the session feeling relaxed and calm yet energized and positive.