OUR SITE provides a diverse selection of guided meditations designed to mentor the mind towards achieving positive states of well-being able to create success, peace and harmony.


CELEBRITY GUEST VOICES…Starting with Tahmoh Penikett, who  has joined on as our regular guest voice and spokesperson. Kandyse McClure offered up her lovely voice too…. Keep tuned in for more celebrity guest voices!!


  • FOR THE SELF HELP SEEKER -Provide information, tools and techniques for those looking to work on personal, spiritual growth, health and well-being and other general life stuff.
  • SUPER AFFORDABLE -with some free stuff too 🙂
  • BE A PART OF MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE! – that everything we do here contributes to making a difference! 

Life is a never ending journey of learning and evolving. The greatest truth is …We can learn to be the master of our own life. We can design/write, then direct and produce awesome results daily for ourselves along with the world around us. The key to our product is to simply help you learn to focus your mind where you want it to be, stay on point and let go of everything that may have stopped you from achieving success in any area of your life. Most importantly to help you take 5 and chill out once in and awhile! 🙂



Zen 4 Minds donates 50% of net profits to children and animal related charities

That means that by being a member you too are being charitable!! TOGETHER we can make a difference.

Join in and Help Us Grow ….lets be a team Making A Difference Together!