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Life is filled with highs, lows, trials & tribulations, our hope is to help you find ways to stay centered, grounded and balanced. So you can enjoy this thing called LIFE that we all share

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Access and listen our wide selection of guided meditations on-line.
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Testimonial * I am so grateful for this site. I had the pleasure of meeting Tahmoh at an SPN con last year, and he had such a grounding energy that when he posted about Zen4Minds, I had to check it out. I used to meditate regularly, but fell out of the habit after a bad break up led me to associate meditation with that relationship. Thank you, Zen4Minds and Tahmoh for giving me a new, positive association with a sorely missed part of self-care. I listen to it every night before bed and whenever I need to center. I honestly don't know how I would have made it through last year without it. I look forward to continuing to explore the various guided meditations here. Namaste

Author *Abigail Shuman    Location*Lititz, PA, USA   

Testimonial *I have always has sleep problems, but 9 months ago it got even worse, to the point where I am not getting any sleep at all. I've tried guided meditation in the past and just could not make it happen, so when I came across this, I thought I'd try it (I'm a bit of a Tahmoh fan). It does take me 3 sessions to get to sleep, but I do fall asleep. But the reason I am writing is to say that while on holiday, I found myself on a beach in Kauai. I sat in the sand and watched the waves crash into the coral, and thought I'd try some 'awake' meditation. So I played 'becoming happy'. Now, I don't know how many times I've played it over the past 9 months - but only ever to fall asleep. So, I am sitting on this beach, watching the waves, they are so loud I can hear them over the voice in the headphones. The clouds hid the sun, there was a slight salty breeze, the temperature was perfect, and suddenly, becoming happy made perfect sense. It all seemed so simple. I wish I could capture that feeling and put it in a bottle and bring it out everytime I lose my temper or my motivation...
So thank you, Jo and Tahmoh. I didn't think it would work, but wow. I am so thankful to have come across this.

Author *Becca    Australia   

Thank you to you and Tahmoh for the Becoming Happy and Content! Since I started doing this last year, my work stress has been positively impacted , and my over all outlook has changed me for the better.
Thanks again!

Julie    BARBERTON